Development Activities

Creekside Meadows PUD and Plat
The Creekside Meadows proposal seeks approval of concurrent applications to create a residential neighborhood.

  • A Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow reductions in dimensional requirements, flexibility in street standards and a bonus density (File # PPU-17-0001); and
  • A Preliminary Plat to subdivide a 9.93 acre into 56 single-family lots, PPL-17-0001.
The proposal is to subdivide a 9.93-acre site, located at 7011 226th Place SW, into 56 single-family residential lots using the flexibility provided for in Chapter 19.115 MTMC (PUD) to modify the dimensional standards in the zoning and subdivision codes.

Located in the RS 8400 zoning district, it includes a bonus density of 15 additional lots. The development will create a new public street and multiple open spaces for active play. Thirty-six percent of the site is an open space designation including pedestrian connections throughout the development, walking trails, and conservation areas. 

Flexibility is proposed in lot sizes (average 3,300 square feet), some front and side yard setbacks and narrow right-of-way and pavement widths. All infrastructure, underlying street functions, and emergency access requirements would be met. The site contains critical areas (wetland and stream buffers and steep slopes) which will be enhanced and/or stabilized and monitored.

A decision to approve the proposal means the project
meets, or can be conditioned to meet, all Preliminary PUD and bonus density requirements concurrent with the preliminary plat (subdivision) review and approval. 

Development Proposal Approved
The City Council held a public hearing on December 3, 2018 to consider the project proposal and the Planning Commissions' recommendation. The proposal was approved subject to conditions (ED1). The applicant/owner will proceed in demolishing the existing buildings and paving, remove trees, regrade the site outside the conservation areas and build the infrastructure improvements such as sewer and water lines and new streets.

In order to receive final approval of the PUD, the applicant must satisfy the conditions of approval and subdivision, together with a zoning map amendment (rezone) of the site to PUD/RS 8400. The rezone will show that the site is a planned unit development and therefore subject to specific standards and regulations. Construction of new homes can begin once these actions have been completed. 

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