City Hall Advisory Committee

CHAC Photo_1.11.17
City Hall Advisory Committee From the Left: Eiya Wolfe, Vic Sood, Maggie Hyneman, Linda Rogers, Dustin DeKoekkoek, H. Stan Lake, Rory Paine-Donovan, Stephen Barnes, and Chris Finch.

City Hall Advisory Committee Members:

Linda Rogers, Chair             H. Stan Lake, Vice Chair
Stephen Barnes                   Rory Paine-Donovan
Dustin DeKoekkoek             Vic Sood 
Chris Finch                           Eiya Wolfe
Maggie Hyneman

Contact the Committee at:

Please Note:   We value your input.  We have had a few instances of your emails getting caught in the city's spam filter.  If you send an email to the address above and it is undeliverable, please contact (425) 744-6206 to let us know and we will resolve the issue.

City Staff Members:

Leslie Choate, Management Analyst                    Virginia Olsen, City Clerk/Community Relations Director                           
(425) 744-6225                                                      (425) 744-6206                                        

What's New?  

February 13, 2017:  This week the city is working on an agreement with ARC Architects to assist us with this project.  The contract is scheduled for City Council consideration at their February 21, 2017 meeting.  The Committee's next meeting will be on Thursday, February 23 at the Mountlake Terrace Police Department to tour the facility.  The city is also working on a community outreach plan with the Committee to have informal gatherings at local eateries and businesses to get a vast array of community input.

Once the architect is on board, we will schedule larger community open houses and meetings.

Committee Purpose

A levy lid lift measure was approved by Mountlake Terrace voters in August of 2016 and as a result, the City now has ongoing funding for recreation and parks as well as four years of funding for Interim City Hall rent while the community plans a future City Hall. 

In fall of 2016, the City Council discussed a process for community involvement in the design of a new City Hall and adopted a resolution to establish a City Hall Advisory Committee (Resolution No 772).  

The purpose of the Committee is to assist in development of a plan to construct a new City Hall on the vacant property at 232nd Street SW and 58th Avenue W. In addition to other tasks that may be assigned by the City Council, the primary purpose of the Committee shall be to advise and provide recommendations to the City Council as it relates to the size and cost of a new City Hall. 

City Happenings, October 2016

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