Construction Updates & Projects

Updated 6/25/2018

1. 212th Street & Interurban Trail Improvements
Crews will likely be working on the prep and pouring of concrete curbs, sidewalks and ADA Ramps on the South side of 212th St SW from 63rd Ave W to and through 61st Pl W.  They will also be working on the demo of the existing curbs, ramps and walks at the 63rd Ave W intersection . Be advised that 212th was returned to the Eastbound single lane opening together with the Westbound Detour, similar to when construction started.  Note, there will be some intermittent traffic impacts at the intersection of 212th & 61st PL W and 63rd Ave W. The Eastbound 212th St SW traffic may be directed through the work zone by flaggers or diverted at times to the 66th Ave W to 208th St SW detour which has been signed and established.   Local access to businesses will be provided and maintained

2. 236th St SW from I-5 to 56th Ave W
Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) gas main is generally complete. However, some work on the shoulder is ongoing and drivers should take extra caution.

3. 51st Ave W between 219th St SW & 217th St SW
Paving is completer however, some sidewalk concrete restoration will be conducted soon and is dependent on weather. Lane closures on 217th St. SW will occur during daytimes and local access will be maintained.

4. 52nd Ave W between 219th St SW & 221st St SW
Frontage improvements at Mountlake Terrace Elementary School are under construction.  Drivers should be aware of potential lane closures.