Traffic Alerts

(See map below)
Updated 7/1/19

1. Atlas 236 – 55th Avenue W and 236th Street SW

Expect lane shifts on 56th Avenue W. Sidewalk will be closed on 236th St. SW between 55th Avenue W. and 56th Avenue W during the day.

2. Main Street Revitalization – Substantial Construction on 236th Street SW for July & August

The Main Street Revitalization Project construction work on 236th Street SW and 56th Avenue W is ongoing and on schedule. Beginning the week of July 8, significant roadway construction work will occur on 236th Street SW; this work is expected to take between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. During this period, all roadway users should expect the following:

Week of July 8 – The road surface of 236th Street SW from Gateway Boulevard to 56th Avenue W will undergo asphalt grinding. 236th Street SW will be reduced to one-lane of travel with flaggers controlling the direction of traffic between westbound and eastbound travel. During this week, traffic will move from the north side to the south side, depending on which side of the roadway the contractor is working on.

Weeks of July 17 through the completion of this work – The asphalt grinding of 236th Street SW between Gateway Boulevard and 56th Street SW will be complete. Drivers should expect to travel on gravel. In addition, travel on 236th Street SW between 56th Street SW and 58th Street SW will be westbound traffic only. Drivers should use the signed detour routes or take an alternate route that may be more convenient. As construction progresses during this period, the city will provide additional construction information that is up-to-date and reflects the contractor’s progress.

This work is necessary as the roadway needs to be re-surfaced. The primary benefits of completing this work during summer include: Improving roadway safety since there is a reduced number of pedestrians when school is not in session; and Lessening overall traffic delay since traffic volumes are typically lower throughout the summer.

Drivers should expect traffic delays at all road closure locations.

Weekly travel advisories on all construction projects throughout the city are provided online at (traffic alerts). Main Street updates are shared on social media. These updates are provided to keep the community informed about the type of traffic modifications that are in place and where they are located.

The city encourages residents and visitors to ask construction and traffic control workers, on-site city inspectors, and engineering staff for help when walking, driving or parking within the construction work zone. The city and its contractor are committed to ensure public safety and to help people feel comfortable within the work zone by providing direction or escorting them through an area they are uncomfortable with.

Thanks to all residents and visitors for their patience and commitment to driving safely within the work zones. Please continue to drive slowly and cautiously through the work zones and detour routes so that we can maintain a safe and protected environment for all users within the public right-of-way.

3.    Ravenna Homes – 236th St. SW and 48th Ave. W

Expect lane shifts, lane closures and traffic control flaggers on 236th St. SW and 48th Ave. W. during asphalt paving at the site.