Proposed 2008 Budget Modifications

The City Manager has proposed several budget modifications to the 2007-2008 budget that the Council is currently considering. The proposed budget modifications are described under "Proposed 2008 Budget Modifications" below.

The process for the City's Mid-Biennial Review of the 2007-2008 budget is as follows:
  • September 13 Work Session:
    • Review of 2007-2008 Biennial Budget
  • October 11 Work Session:
    • Further Review of Proposed Mid-Biennial Modifications
  • November 5 Council Meeting:
    • Public Hearing and First Reading on Budget Modifications Ordinance Public Hearing on and First Reading on Property Tax Levy
  • November 19 Council Meeting:
    • Second Reading and Adoption of Budget Modification Ordinance
    • Second Reading and Adoption of Property Tax Lev

Supporting Documents