Water Distribution & Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs

One of the most visible aspects of the water system is the large water tank on 58th Avenue W. near the intersection of Interstate 5 and 220th Street Southwest. The 2.5 million gallon tank helps to boost the water pressure in the vicinity and acts as a reserve water supply in case of a fire. The other 2 tanks at this site serve a similar function.

Water Distribution

The Water Division operates and maintains the entire water system consisting of main lines, valves, pressure reducing stations, reservoirs, pumps, hydrants, meters, and service lines that serve the customers.

Division personnel monitor backflow prevention devices for both residential and commercial sites on a yearly basis. Annual test report submissions to the City are required for installation of these devices. If you think you have a backflow prevention device that has not been tested recently, please call the Public Works Maintenance Shop at 425-670-8264, extension 5102.

Water Systems Maintenance

In order to minimize service disruption, maintain adequate water pressure, and ensure high water quality, the Water Division performs a series of proactive preventive maintenance tasks. These tasks enable the City to fix and maintain infrastructure in ways that are cost effective and have little or no impact to customers. You may have observed a City crew releasing a large volume of water out of a hydrant. This is just one of the many maintenance activities that ensure proper operation of the water system. The division is also responsible for water tests to assure that the quality of water served to the customer is within Health Department standards.

Aerial View of Tanks
Water Hydrant