Neighborhood Parks Improvement Subcommittee


Ballinger Park  Jim Jory
Evergreen Play Area Adam Bettcher
Firefighters Memorial Park  Karla Frankenberg
Forest Crest Park  Tiffany Meier
Jack Long Park  Anne Bjornstad
Matt Hirvela/Bicentennial Park  Brandy LeBlanc
Terrace Creek Park  Alana Niemi
Terrace Ridge Park  Jacquelyn Howell
Veterans Memorial Park  Kathy Tuura
Position At Large Wendy Westby


The Neighborhood Parks Improvement Subcommittee is comprised of 10 citizen volunteers assigned the responsibility for annually inventorying the neighborhood parks and recommending improvements to the Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission (RPAC). Appointed by RPAC, each of the representatives must live within a half mile of the park they represent. They serve three-year staggered terms.

These members play an active role in community park clean ups and other city events.