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5/20 - 6/29  Spring session 2 

7/8 - 8/24  Summer session 

Don't wait!   Come in and get fit!

Whether lively music or calm breathing is your style we have opportunities for you to take care of your body, grow in strength, increase flexibility and practice peace of mind here at the Recreation Pavilion.

We offer Strength training. Join a class like Core de Force, PiYo or Strong by Zumba for our most intense workouts. We have cardio fitness classes like Zumba, and therapeutic practices like Stott Pilates. We also offer the holistic health benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi. All levels of fitness can find an appropriate challenge in our programs.

Find our Land Fitness class schedule in the Craze brochure or go to the Craze website.

Fitness Instructors Biographies

Laura Harkewicz
Every Body Yoga

Laura Harkewicz

Laura Harkewicz has been practicing yoga on a daily basis for over 5 years. She's certified with a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in adaptive yoga based in the Kripalu yoga tradition. Adaptive yoga incorporates a gradient approach to all postures. In the gradient approach, the teacher provides a variety of options so each asana can be accessible to all students regardless of their abilities.

Laura has a Master’s Degree in American Studies from Michigan State University. She also has a Ph.D. in History of Science (Science Studies) from the University of California, San Diego. She teaches in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at UW-Bothell and for the Department of History at UW-Seattle.

As part of her personal and academic research interests, Laura is exploring the connections between health and spirituality, specifically the impact yoga philosophy and practice has on self-expression and recovery from illness or trauma.

Jennifer Haywood
Gentle Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Jennifer Haywood

Jennifer is a 200 hour certified practitioner of Kripalu Yoga registered with Yoga Alliance and teaches yoga to adults and children. Her training has focused on adapting practices for students of all abilities. She has been teaching yoga to adults for 8 years and yoga and movement to children for 15 years.

She received her BA in dance from WWU, and her MA in Counseling/Psychology from Lesley College. She has taught all kinds of dance to students from ages 3 to 17 throughout the Seattle area, and at MLT since 2005. Jennifer keeps her performing chops up to speed with MoDanCo, a modern dance choreographic collective. She was a presenter at Dance Educators Association of WA in 2009 and 2013. Jennifer and Dena Lee co-directed eNergi!, a youth performance group in 2010 and their latest collaboration was Loss in Found in 2015 at Velocity, honoring lost relationships. Jennifer enjoys fostering joy and ease in movement and creative self-expression in others.

Danny Horovitz
Strong by Zumba

Joan Kashauer
Silver Sneakers, Tap Dance for 55+,  Aquatic L.I.F.T

Joan Kashauer

Joan received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, Kinesiology and Deaf Studies from California State University at Northridge (CSUN) in 2004. Her main disciplines are: Tap, Ballet and Jazz for all ages plus Creative Movement for children and she’s been teaching these classes for over 25 years.

Joan also instructs fitness classes (all ages) and aquatic classes, focused on core stability, balance and cardio fitness. She is excited to add Silver Sneakers Classic and Silver Sneakers Yoga classes to her repertoire. Joan’s main emphasis is to encourage her students to maintain a fit body and mind for life.

Peggy Kerr
Silver Sneakers

Peggy Kerr

Peggy Kerr is a Registered Nurse and worked previously with special needs children. In high school and college she was an active tennis player. Her parents inspired her careers as they both taught special education and her father was an avid sports player of basketball and tennis and was seeded in the United States Tennis Association U.S.T.A. Men’s Doubles for many years.

In 2015 Peggy started working at the recreation Pavilion in the Aquatics department teaching Water Aerobics and has since gotten her certifications to teach Silver Sneakers Classic, Circuit, and Yoga for the Fitness department. She continues to challenge herself physically by taking Dance & Fitness classes at the Recreation Pavilion.

At home Peggy has been, until recently, the primary caregiver for her Mother who is in her 90’s. She enjoys working with the senior population and wishes to inspire them to keep as fit and active as possible.

Vidette McDowall
Zumba Fitness

Videttte McDowal

Dancing is a passion for me. I love to feel the music and move. My goal is to keep everyone moving and having fun at all levels of fitness, from beginner, to intermediate. When I started doing Zumba in 2008 I was overweight and just not happy with myself. I started in the back of the room but as I gained more confidence I found myself moving toward the front. You may start out feeling slightly uncoordinated, but the more you do Zumba, the more you will find your body “remembers” the moves. You don’t have to be an excellent dancer and you don’t have to follow along perfectly. You just have to be willing to move and to let it all go. Zumba has been a life-changing outlet for me and I’m eager to share my positive experiences with everyone!

Come and have a great workout and a great time!

Jamie Neill
Core de Force

Jamie Niell

Jamie Neill came to Seattle 9 years ago from the east coast (most recently Boston) She has been on her personal fitness journey for 17 years. When she moved to Seattle she started taking kick boxing classes and fell in love with it for two reasons, because the instructor made it fun and kick boxing made her feel strong and confident. She has continued to train in Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, and kick boxing for the last 5 years. Jamie wanted to pay the love forward, so she became a certified Core De Force Live instructor. She hopes to motivation and support you in your fitness journey while making it fun.

During the day, Jamie is an executive assistant and Beachbody Coach She lives in Shoreline with her husband and rescue dog Fritz.

Doug Northman
Tai Chi

“One of my guiding principles is to be of service; this I have tried to take into all of my work and personal interactions.”

Doug began studying Eastern philosophy and mind/body practices in his early teens. The Buddhist sutras, the I Ching, Yoga and Meditation were his early teachers and his curiosity about the energetic nature of our body/mind drew him to study Herbology, Iridology, Reflexology and the Touch for Health system of Kinesiology. In the 1980’s Doug became a disciple of Yogananda, practicing the Self-Realization techniques for many years. As Doug’s family grew he devoted his time to building a secure home, working in many fields over the years; first as a tofu maker, then sprout grower, for many years a construction trades person, and now Doug works in computer information systems for health care. In response to the stresses of modern life, including his shift from a job of physical labor to that of sedentary computer work, Doug began his study of Tai Chi in 2004. Doug came to Embrace the Moon in 2007 after a serious illness, looking to Qigong and Tai Chi to help restore his health and strength. There he found both a wonderful group of passionate, hardworking, and fun-loving people and excellent instruction. Doug’s teachers include Sifu Kim Ivy, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Xian Xing, and Dr. Gaspar Garcia. He recently traveled to China to study Tiajiquan in the Chen family school, gaining deeper understanding of Chen Taiji and greater appreciation for the family and their arts. Whether in the trades, computing, or on the practice floor, teaching is something that comes naturally. In both Taijiquan and Qigong, Doug embodies tradition with an ease and an infectious lightness. You will enjoy not only his ability to demonstrate the forms well but also his innovative capacity to explain the core basics in a fun and accessible way. And don’t let Doug’s broad smile fool you. You will know you’ve had a workout!

Christine Oliver
Therapuetic Stott Pilates

Christie Oliver

Christine is a licensed physical therapist and certified Stott Pilates instructor for mat and reformer. She studied biology and music on academic scholarship at University of Puget Sound and received her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. At the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy she earned her national certification in Manual Physical Therapy and completed her Stott Pilates Certification through Stott Pilates, Meritthew Corporation out of Toronto, Ontario. Her artistic training includes jazz dance and other dance forms, piano, and vocal coaching. The combination of music and movement brings her pure joy.

Christine has practiced at Providence Medical Center, Swedish Health Systems, Pacific Rehabilitation Centers, and the Unique Physique in the Seattle area with a specialty in adult orthopedic conditions. She has enjoyed incorporating the Stott Pilates method in movement education, maximizing both strength and flexibility while promoting optimal posture, balance, agility, and coordination. She especially enjoys getting to know her clients and helping them meet their personal goals.

Acting as an instructor for both individuals and groups, Christine has done so in many environments, including medical clinics, gym facilities, industry/business, and classroom venues. She has taught in the areas of physical therapy, health, aerobic dance and fitness, Stott Pilates, work conditioning, injury prevention, body mechanics, ergonomics, and adaptive skiing. Christine brings her love for working with people of all abilities and her passion for health and fitness to the Mountlake Terrace community.

Yoko Wakabayashi
Yoga - Vinyasa Power Flow

Yoko Wakabayashi

My name is Yoko and I am originally from Japan. When I was younger, I was always interested in dancing. I tried different kinds of dancing: ballet, modern and jazz. I used to teach and perform modern dancing when I was in Tokyo at my younger age. Now I am living here in the United States. When I reached 50 years of age, I seriously started Yoga to strengthen my knees. I took teacher training under the Baron Baptiste style, Shiva Rea, Anna Forest, and others. I feel great after yoga practice each day and it is now an important part of my life. I love to share my knowledge and gift of yoga with others.

Namaste, Yoko Wakabayashi

Water Fitness

Water workouts reduce stress on joints, improve cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and increase flexibility. Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any new fitness activity. Check our Pool schedule on our aquatics page for the days and times for the variety of water fitness classes we have to offer

ladies in shallow water fitness class