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Development Services

  1. Ask A Permit Specialist

    Community and Economic Development provides answers regarding permitting questions for construction projects in the City of Mountlake... More…

  1. Intake Appointment Submission Form

    A scheduled appointment for city hall staff to screen and process an application. If you submit all your application materials before... More…

Police Department

  1. Code Enforcement Inquiry and Reporting Form

    Code Violation Inquiry and Reporting Form

  2. Fingerprint Appointment

    Scheduled Fingerprinting

  3. Pet License Application

    New Pet License Form

  4. Police Department Employment Application
  1. Crime Tips Form
  2. General Contact Form

    General Contact

  3. Police Department Citizen Comment Form

    Comment form to Chief of Police

  4. Property Return Request

    You can seek the return of your property by completing this form. The review process can take up to five business days. Complete and... More…


  1. MLT Tree Survey
  2. Spill Reporting Survey

    Thank you for keeping our water clean!

  1. Recreation Programs Survey
  2. Stormwater Management Questionnaire Form

    Request for public comments and participation from the public regarding all aspects of the Stormwater Utility.