Pet Licensing

Pet Licensing is required in Mountlake Terrace. A lost pet wearing a current tag greatly increases the chance of the pet being returned to you.

For new licenses, please complete the Pet License application (PDF) and mail it to 5906 232nd Street SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 with the correct payment.  A license will be mailed in return.  

Requirements *NEW RATES AS OF OCTOBER 1st, 2020*

  • All DOGS and CATS 3 Months of age and over must be licensed and must wear their tag.
  • Owners have 30 Days to obtain a license for pets that are new to the City.
  • Tags must be renewed annually. *Tags are now on a rolling calendar and must be renewed the month they were originally issued.*


  • Unaltered Dog or Cat: $40.00
  • Neutered or Spayed Dog or Cat: $20.00
  • Senior Discount Rate Neutered or Spayed Dog or Cat: $10.00
  • License for Goat, Pig or Horse: $20.00
  • Replacement Tag: $5.00

Obtaining and Renewing

  • NEW licenses may be purchased in person at PAWS (an additional fee may apply) or by mail. The Police Office is temporarily closed for construction.  Please use the form at the top of this page to obtain a license by mail or call 425-670-8260 for information on obtaining a new license.
  • Licenses may be RENEWED by mail. The tag number MUST be included.
Mountlake Terrace Police badge
Black Lab Photo for animal licensing