Land Use Permits & Approvals

During the implementation of Phase 2 Construction Restart, all permit applications will begin to be accepted at this time. Note: Permit processing times have increased. Please expect 2-3 business days for permit application to be processed. Inspections are consistently scheduled 2-3 days after request as well. Permit applications are listed below. Compliance to COVID-19 mandates has created longer processing times for permits. Please email a Permit Specialist with all questions you may have: Submission of permits will be handled in the following manner:

City Website PortalMail/Drop-off*Appointment Required with Permit Specialist
  • Single Family
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Roof
    • Sewer Repair/New
  • Building Permit 
    • Minor exterior work only to include roof overlay or re-roof
    • Siding and/or windows
  • Demolition Permit
  • Driveway
  • Fence
  • Fire Prevention Permit
  • Shed
  • Utility and Communication Companies
  • Violation/Investigation
  • Wall/Rockery Permit
  • Water Meter
  • Civil
  • Commercial/Multi-family Building
  • Deck
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Sprinkler
  • Land Use
  • New Construction or Addition
  • Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical Plan Review
  • Single Family Building Addition or Remodel
  • Tenant Improvement

    *Permit specialist will contact with confirmation of receipt and invoice fees due to begin processing

Implementation of Phase 2 Construction Restart allows for scheduling of inspections. Your project must have issued permits on-site, require workers to be six-feet apart, and have a developed exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan*. To schedule an inspection, call 425-775-9694. Please have your permit number and address ready when you call.

*Washington State Department of Labor & Industries will enforce requirements for contractors to comply with comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, recovery plans and safety practices.

Rendering of Terrace Station


Land use development pertains to the development of an existing property. This could include subdivision of property, obtaining site plan entitlement for a project or a master planned development. Permit approvals are required for development and remodeling activities such as:

The Permit Contact Information Form is a requirement with most permit applications. In order to determine if it needs to be included with your submittal, please refer to the specific permit for your project. 

Land Use Permit Applications, Checklists and Guides

Fee Schedules

Impact Fee Applications and Schedules

Subdivisions - See Subdivision Applications and Checklists Page

Additional Information

Call the Planning Department at 425-744-6284 for additional information on land use review and approvals. For Intake Appointment Requests, please email a Permit Specialist at You are also welcome to check with staff at City Hall during regular business hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.