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Skyhawks provides a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that emphasize critical lessons in sports and life, such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship. Skyhawks programs are designed to give each child a positive introduction into sports while fostering a lifelong love for an active, healthy lifestyle. Our patient and knowledgeable staff use a variety of skill-building games and activities to give each athlete a complete understanding and overview of the sport. Since 1979 Skyhawks has taught over 1.5 million boys and girls life lessons through sports. Please view our website for further information.

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2019 Skyhawks Camp Options

Camp Age Dates Times Fee Location
Baseball 6-12yrs 7/6-7/10 9am-3pm R$179/NR$197 Evergreen Playfield #3
Mini-Hawk 4-7yrs 7/13-7/17 9am-12pm R$145/NR$159 Evergreen Playfield #3
Beginning Golf 5-11yrs 7/6-7/10 9am-12pm R$145/NR$159 Evergreen Playfield #5
Multi-Sport 6-12yrs 6/29-7/2 9am-3pm R$89/NR$98 Evergreen Playfield #4
Soccer & STEM Camp 6-12yrs 7/27-7/31 9am-3pm R$189/NR$208 Evergreen Playfield #5
Basketball & Swim 6-12yrs 8/3-8/7 9am-3pm R$199/NR$219 Terrace Park School Gym
Mini-Hawk 4-7yrs 8/3-8/7 9am-12pm R$145/NR$159 Evergreen Playfield #5
Flag Football 6-12yrs 8/10-8/14 9am-3pm R$179/NR$197 Evergreen Playfield #6
Soccer 6-12yrs 8/17-8/21 9am-3pm R$179/NR$197 Evergreen Playfield #5
Track & Field 6-12yrs 8/24-8/28 9am-12pm R$145/NR$159 Evergreen Playfield #6