Evergreen Playfield #1

Project Overview

The Evergreen Playfield Complex is located in the heart of the city. Evergreen Playfield #1, the furthest north field in the complex is a dirt multipurpose field with wood poles and metal halide lighting designed and constructed in the late 1970’s. The city has ranked this project near the top of its list for years as a target for improvements, not only because of its age but also because it serves as an important entry point to the city. The city was awarded multiple grants in 2018 and 2019 to finally make this local dream a reality. This project will include a conversion from the current dirt surface to an synthetic turf surface with drainage, underlayment, infill material, new LED lights, new field fencing, improved pathways and field amenities such as soccer goals, bleachers and corner flags.

Project Timeline and Costs

Completed in May 2021

Total cost: $2.178 million

Evergreen Playfield Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

Evergreen Playfield #1 Synthetic Turf Field

Evergreen Field Turf before goals