Conditional Use Process (CUP) and Hearing Examiner Decision

Project Status 
The City of Mountlake Terrace conducted a Public Hearing before the City Hearing Examiner on June 27, 2019. 

Hearing Examiner Decision (July 15, 2019)

The materials presented to the Hearing Examiner by the city and the applicant (Sound Transit) are linked below. The applicant’s Conditional Use Permit, Site Development Permit, and Reasonable Use Exemption were received on September 20, 2018. 

Conceptual boards displayed at the meeting:

Questions About the Project, Contact:
Sound Transit Lynnwood Link Extension
Rhonda Dixon, Community Outreach Specialist II
206-370-5569  |

Documents Presented to Hearing Examiner

Exhibits - MLT Series

  1. City of Mountlake Terrace Prehearing Brief on Conditions 06_27_2019
  2. MLT-02_Applications Accepted for Review Letter_2018-0926
  3. MLT-03_Determination of Incomplete Application_2018-1018
  4. MLT-04_Completeness Determination Issues Letter_2018-1129
  5. MLT-05_Public Open House Materials Required Letter_2018-1205
  6. MLT-06_Determination of Complete Application_2018-1218
  7. MLT-07_Notice of Application
  8. MLT-08_Consistency Review Letter_2019-0212
  9. MLT-09_Geotechnical Critical Areas Third-Party Review Letter_2019-0131
  10. MLT-10_Wetlands, Streams, Habitat Critical Areas Third-Party Review Memo_2019-0225
  11. MLT-11_Response to Public Comments Required Letter_2019-0313
  12. MLT-12A_Public Comment Summary Matrix
  13. MLT-12B_Public Comment_Edwards, Maresa_2019-0123
  14. MLT-12C_Public Comment_McGowan, Jennifer_2019-0123
  15. MLT-12D_Public Comment_Ray, Bill and Jan_2019-0123
  16. MLT-12E_Public Comment_Shupe, Sam_2019-0123
  17. MLT-12F_Public Comment_Tuttle, Bill_2019-0123
  18. MLT-12G_Public Comment_Anonymous1_2019-0123
  19. MLT-12H_Public Comment_Anonymous2_2019-0123
  20. MLT-12I_Public Comment_Anonymous3_2019-0123
  21. MLT-12J_Public Comment_Anonymous4_2019-0123
  22. MLT-12K_Public Comment_Anonymous5_2019-0123
  23. MLT-12L_Public Comment_Jeremiah, Dale_2019-0124
  24. MLT-12M_Public Comment_Anonymous6_2019-0124
  25. MLT-12N_Public Comment_DeKoekkoek, Dustin_2019-0125
  26. MLT-12O_Public Comment_Anonymous7_2019-0125
  27. MLT-12P_Public Comment_Anonymous8_2019-0126
  28. MLT-13_Hearing Examiner Notices
  29. MLT-14_Fence Location Details
  30. MLT-15_Melody Hill Site Tree Retention and Neighborhood Visual Screening Buffer Location Diagram
  31. MLT-16_Term Sheet
  32. MLT-17_Permit and Project Review Reimbursement Agreement_2017-0117
  33. MLT-18_First Amendment to Permit and Project Review Reimbursement Agreement_2019-0102
  34. MLT-19_North Corridor Transit Project Alternatives Analysis Report and SEPA Addendum_2011-09
  35. MLT-20_DEIS_2013-0726
  36. MLT-21_FEIS_2015-0401
  37. MLT-22_FTA ROD_2015-0710
  38. MLT-23_FHWA ROD_2015-0831
  39. MLT-24_SEPA Addendum_2018-05
  40. Presentation for Public Hearing with Mountlake Terrace Hearing Examiner 6-27-2019

Additional Sound Transit Exhibits (June 26 and 27, 2019)

Joint Exhibits

Hearing Examiner Documents

Exhibits - Sound Transit Series

  1. Site-F_Corrected_Combined
  2. Site-I_Corrected_Combined
  3. ST-01_Vicinity Map
  4. ST-02_Vicinity Map with Aerial Imagery
  5. ST-03_Site Overview Map
  6. ST-04_Permit and Project Review Reimbursement Agreement
  7. ST-05_Transit Way Agreement
  8. ST-06_Access Enhancements Funding Agreement
  9. ST-07_Property Acquisitions
  10. ST-08_Critical Areas Report
  11. ST-09_Concurrence Letters
  12. ST-10_L300 100pct Noise Vibration and Groundborne Noise Report
  13. ST-11_Sound Transit Public Art Approach
  14. ST-12_100pct Civil Calculations Roadway Illumination
  15. ST-13_100pct Traffic Engineering Report
  16. ST-14_100pct Drainage Report
  17. ST-15_100pct Construction Noise Vibration and Groundborne Noise Report
  18. ST-16_Interim Stormwater Plan
  19. ST-17_Lynnwood Link Extension Record Of Decision including ROD mitigations (ROD Table B-1)
  20. ST-18_Comprehensive Plan Review
  21. ST-19_Sound Transit Customer Signage Manual
  22. ST-20_Draft Tree Removal and Mitigation Report
  23. ST-22_L300 Sustainability Checklist
  24. ST-23_100pct Geotechnical Recommendations Report
  25. ST-25_Screening, Fencing and Wall Details
  26. ST-27_Bike Locker and Bike Rack Details
  27. ST-28_Additional Wall Plans and Details-Sites B,C,M
  28. ST-29_Tree Summary and Inventory
  29. ST-30_LLE Temporary Noise Barrier Evaluation Report
  30. ST-31_Specification Section 01 57 15 Temporary Construction Noise and Vibration Control Mstr ST
  31. ST-32_LLE Construction Outreach Plan_Final
  32. ST-33_Specification Section 01 55 00 Vehicular Access and Haul Routes
  33. ST-34_Existing Artwork at Mountlake Terrace Community Transit Garage and Shelters
  34. ST-35_Specification Section 01 50 00 Temporary Facilities and Controls Mstr ST
  35. ST-A01_Site A Narrative
  36. ST-A02_Site A Drawings
  37. ST-A03_Site A Plot Plan
  38. ST-A04_Site A Site Plan
  39. ST-B01_Site B Narrative
  40. ST-B02_Site B Drawings
  41. ST-B03_MLT Transit Center Station Code Compliance Summary
  42. ST-B04_Site B Plot Plan
  43. ST-B05_Site B Site Plan
  44. ST-C01_Site C Narrative
  45. ST-C02_Site C Drawings
  46. ST-C03_Site C Plot Plan
  47. ST-C04_Site C Site Plan
  48. ST-D01_Site D Narrative
  49. ST-D02_Site D Drawings (1)
  50. ST-D03_Site D Plot Plan
  51. ST-D04_Site D Site Plan
  52. ST-E01_Site E Narrative
  53. ST-E02_Site E Drawings
  54. ST-E03_Site E Plot Plan
  55. ST-E04_Site E Site Plan
  56. ST-F01_Site F Narrative
  57. ST-F02_Site F Drawings
  58. ST-F03_Site F Plot Plan
  59. ST-F04_Site F Site Plan
  60. ST-G01_Site G Narrative
  61. ST-G02_Site G Drawings
  62. ST-G03_Site G Plot Plan
  63. ST-G04_Site G Site Plan
  64. ST-H01_Site H Narrative
  65. ST-H02_Site H Drawings
  66. ST-H03_Site H Plot Plan
  67. ST-H04_Site H Site Plan
  68. ST-I01_Site I Narrative
  69. ST-I02_Site I Drawings
  70. ST-I03_Site I Plot Plan
  71. ST-I04_Site I Site Plan
  72. ST-J01_Site J Narrative
  73. ST-J02_Site J Drawings
  74. ST-J03_Site J Plot Plan
  75. ST-J04_Site J Site Plan
  76. ST-J05_Response to Critical Areas Review WMT6
  77. ST-K01_Site K Narrative
  78. ST-K02_Site K Drawings
  79. ST-K03_Site K Plot Plan
  80. ST-K04_Site K Site Plan
  81. ST-L01_Site L Narrative
  82. ST-L02_Site L Drawings
  83. ST-L03_Site L Plot Plan
  84. ST-L04_Site L Site Plan
  85. ST-M01_Site M Narrative
  86. ST-M02_Site M Drawings
  87. ST-M03_Site M Plot Plan
  88. ST-M04_Site M Site Plan
  89. ST-N01_Guideway Narrative
  90. ST-N02_Guideway Drawings
  91. ST-N03_Guideway and Wayside Facilities Code Compliance Summary
  92. ST-O_Introduction and Background
  93. ST-P_Completeness Responses Cover Memo_2018-1205
  94. ST-Q_Technical Responses Cover Memo_2019-0318

Recap of January 23, 2019 Open House

A public open house, hosted by the City of Mountlake Terrace, was conducted on January 23, 2019. Construction of the Sound Transit Light Rail Station, project elements and guideway location were discussed. Additionally, public comment was gathered.