Traffic Alerts

(See map below)
Updated 11/4/19

1.  Atlas 236 – 55th Avenue W and 236th Street SW

Expect lane shifts on 56th Avenue W and 236th Street SW. Sidewalk will be closed on eastside of 56th Avenue W between 236th Street SW and 235th Street SW during the day. Also expect lane delays on 55th Avenue W.

2.  Main Street Revitalization – 236th Street SW and 58th Avenue W

On 236th Street SW, construction of the curb and sidewalk on the north side of the roadway will result in lane shifts and flagging operation throughout the week. Travel will be maintained on both sides of 236th Street SW. Expect minor delays.

Businesses near this intersection will remain accessible and we encourage the community to continue to visit them during this time.

3.  Sound Transit

WSDOT’s I‑5 Right-of-Way:  Tree removal and preliminary grading activity are ongoing. Lane shifts and reductions in the number of I‑5 travel lanes are scheduled during overnight periods. Overnight closures of the on and off-ramps at 220th Street SW are possible throughout this week, including both weekend and weekday nights.

The existing surface parking lot at the MLT Transit Center is now permanently closed. The temporary parking lot at the former Roger’s Market site between 56th Avenue W and 58th Avenue W, north of 232nd Street SW will provide drivers with parking for the displaced parking and provide shuttle service to and from the MLT Transit Center. Shuttle’s will be running every 10 minutes.

4.  Sound Transit

Mastec, contractor for Verizon will be placing new conduit for their services.   Pedestrian and vehicular traffic should expect delays on 66th Avenue W, northbound on the east side of the road from 218th Street SW to the Interurban Trail.  The duration of this project is approximately two weeks.

5.  Sound Transit

At the intersection of 240th Street SW and 55th Avenue W, utility connections will be taking place.  Expect lane closures in the immediate vicinity.