Thank you for your interest in the Adopt-A-Drain Program. This program is a partnership between the City and its residents to care for our storm drains by keeping the opening to the drains free from leaves and other debris. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in preventing localized flooding and improving water quality in Mountlake Terrace!

If you decide to adopt a drain (or multiple!) nearby, you agree to remove accumulated debris from your storm drain from October through March. You will contact the Stormwater Program Manager with the time you spend keeping our water clean.

If you see a pollutant spill or street flooding, please contact the Operations and Maintenance crew at (425) 670-8264.  

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How to Take Care of Your Drain

Leaves in catch basin

Step 1

  • Choose your drain (or drains) that you would like to adopt and claim them here. 
  • Download the Volunteer Service Agreement.  Sign and return the agreement to Laura Reed before cleaning your drain. If you are able to electronically sign this document please do so and return. If you need a printed copy please print the document, sign, and return to City Hall or contact Laura Reed directly. 
Adopt 1.0

Step 2

  • Gather your supplies!  This could include safety equipment such as closed toe shoes, gloves, orange cones and reflective vests.  This also includes cleaning supplies such as a broom, rake, trash grabber, dust pan and a trash bag.
  • Never remove the the storm grate.  Clean only the surface of the grate and the area around it. If you have concerns please contact Laura Reed
Adopt 2

Step 3

  • Safety first!  Always be extremely cautious around traffic, wear bright colors, and work during daylight hours.  If there is a curb next to your drain(s) try to stay off the road and work from the sidewalk.
  • Using tools, collect debris and litter from the storm drain.  There could be sharp or harmful objects so use gloves or tools where possible. 
  • Consider clearing debris and litter from streets and sidewalks.  Anything on pavement can wash into your storm drain when it rains even though you have cleared the drain. 
Adopt 4

Step 4

  • Collect the debris and litter and deposit it into a trash bag or directly into the appropriate receptacle.  Glass, plastic, and cans should be placed in the recycle bin.  Leaves, grass, and sticks should be placed in the compost bin.  Everything else, including sediment, should be placed in the trash bin. 
  • Anything collected should not be used in a garden as it is likely to have picked up oil and other toxic materials. 
Adopt 5

Step 5

  • Celebrate cleaning your adopted storm drain, preventing flooding, and improving our waterways! 
  • At the end of December and March each year report the amount of time you have volunteered to Laura Reed