Evergreen 3 - Ballfield and Tennis Court Upgrades 

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Project Overview

The Evergreen Playfield Complex is an 8 acre site with tennis courts, multi-purpose synthetic turf field, ADA restrooms, concession stand, baseball/softball fields, broadcast booth, maintenance buildings and a playground with features for all ages. 

The Evergreen Playfield Complex is located in the heart of the city. Evergreen Playfield #3, or Enbom Field, is ball diamond that is located at the corner of 56th Ave. W and 224th St. SW. The facility has a traditional dirt infield with grass outfield, wood light poles and metal halide lighting fixtures designed and constructed in the late 1970’s. This facility does not meet current ADA standards nor is it efficient to maintain due to its aging infrastructure. Just east of the ballfield are 4 tennis courts (a triple court and single court) with outdated lighting, fencing and need for accessibility improvements. 

The city was awarded multiple grants in 2021 and 2022 to convert the ballfield into a modern facility that can withstand rainy northwest weather and refresh the tennis courts. 

This project proposes to convert the existing dirt infield to synthetic turf with a grass outfield. The fencing, dugouts, backstop and lighting system around the field will be upgraded and replaced. The existing broadcast booth and built-in bleacher areas will be demolished allowing for regrading and new accessible pathways with metal bleachers. A second segment of this project will renovate the tennis courts. The existing tennis courts will be repaired, resurfaces and lined. The fencing and lighting system for the tennis courts will also be upgraded. Pathways and parking around both facilities will be upgraded to provide accessibility. Additionally, the concession/restroom building and maintenance building will be replaced with new structures and accessible pathways. 

Project Timeline and Costs

Estimated Completion: December 2024

Total estimated cost: $2.8 million

Meeting Information

February 13, 2024 @ 6pm

Virtual Meeting - Zoom Link

If you plan to attend online, please note some recent changes to our procedures for public forums. Due to recent incidents involving hate speech, we will only allow online comments and questions via submittals through the chat function. If you would like to speak in-person, please attend our meeting at City Hall. If you have questions about this new process, please reach out to us at cityhall@mltwa.gov.

Evergreen Playfield Complex - Phase 2 (Presentation Materials)