Comprehensive Plan (Adopted 2017)

Most cities and counties in Washington have comprehensive plans that provide a 20-year vision and policies for the community's future, as well as development regulations that specify how and where development can occur in the community. State laws, especially the Growth Management Act, guide what the plans and regulations must cover. Communities have many choices within the overall framework.

Comprehensive Plan
Mountlake Terrace updated its Comprehensive Plan (Plan) in 2017. The Plan may be amended every year, but generally no more than once per year, to keep up with community needs in compliance with current state requirements. Most updates are initiated by City officials. However, anyone may apply for a comprehensive plan amendment. Applications must be submitted by the filing deadline, generally by June 30 of the update year. (To apply, a completed application form must be submitted.) Ultimately, the City Council will decide whether to adopt changes to the Plan. Note that the City Council may decide to add amendment proposals along the way when considered very important and warranted.

Development Regulations
Mountlake Terrace has updated its development regulations (such as zoning codes and environmental standards) extensively over the last ten years. This has resulted in Mountlake Terrace's current development regulations being substantively in compliance with state requirements. Periodically, other updates to regulations will be considered-either to achieve greater consistency with the most current Comprehensive Plan or federal requirements or to address evolving local needs and opportunities. These updates are typically initiated by City Staff.

Anyone may apply for an amendment to the development regulations. To apply, a completed zoning text or map amendment application form must be submitted. Note the development regulations may be updated at any time and are not limited to once a year. Ultimately, the City Council will decide whether to adopt changes to the regulations.

The 2015 Major Update to the Comprehensive Plan was completed and adopted by City Council on June 15, 2015. The City Council held a public hearing on the 2017 Comprehensive Plan amendments on December 18, 2017 with adoption on February 5, 2018.

If you want more information about or have questions on the Comprehensive Plan update or amendment process, you may leave a message with the Community and Economic Development Department via email or by calling 425-744-6207. Sign up for our email notification list.