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Sustainability is a term that describes taking care of the environment, economy and community livability all at the same time. It means being able to live comfortably without sacrificing the resources of future generations. Mountlake Terrace has taken a leadership role among medium-sized cities in Washington to promote sustainability. A Sustainability Strategy (PDF) has been developed to set priorities for how the City can expand this leadership - conserving energy, encourage green building - and track our progress. This project was funded in part with a grant from the State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development.

The Sustainability Strategy, adopted by the City Council in 2008 identifies ways the City will be a good example and encourage others in taking care of the environment and economy while achieving community livability. Code amendments were also adopted to provide incentives for business development.

Educate Yourself
Have you ever wondered how your daily activities and current rate of consumption compare with the rest of the world? Take the quiz at that What's My Carbon Footprint website. This short quiz calculates your carbon foot print based on your daily habits including travel, food consumption, waste, and more. Find out the number of earth's needed to sustain your lifestyle and consider ways to reduce your daily impact! Browse through the many resources provided by the City in the adjacent tabs to learn more about opportunities to be a responsible citizen of Mountlake Terrace and of the Earth.

Take Action
There are many opportunities to "go green" and reduce your daily impact. Take advantage of the resources provided both online and throughout City facilities. These will aid you in doing your part to participate in Mountlake Terrace's commitment to sustainability.