Swim Instruction

About our Swimming Lessons

Our goal is to provide a positive and fun experience for all swimmers. Our staff is friendly, enthusiastic, caring and well trained. Classes are offered 6 days per week at a variety of times on both week days and weekends.

 Swimming lesson schedules are available at the Pavilion office and online with specific dates and times prior to the start of each session.
Pre-Registration applies to those who are currently enrolled. Open Registration applies to anyone not enrolled in the current session.  

Sign up for a DaySmart registration account to register online for swimming lessons and other programs.    

Swimming Lesson  Kicking with kickboard

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lesson registration Policy

Swim Lesson Information

Registration begins Online at 12:00 p.m.

Days Dates Pre-Reg Open Reg
2/27 2/29
Tue/Thurs 3/5-3/28 2/28 2/29
Friday 2/23-3/29 2/16 2/19
Saturday 2/24-3/30 2/17 2/19