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2023 Lodging Tax Funds Application

  1. Check all service categories that apply to this application:
  2. Check which one of the following applies to your agency:
  3. 2. Is there a host hotel for your event?
  4. 14. As a direct result of your proposed tourism-related service, provide an estimate of the following: (Note: Some of the estimates below are required by State law.)
  5. More information can be found here:

    Direct Count: Actual count of visitors by using paid admissions or registrations, clicker counts, etc.

    Indirect Count: Estimate based on information related to number of visitors such as raffle tickets sold, redeemed discount certificates, brochures handed out, visual estimates.

    Representative Survey: Information collected directly from individual visitors or participants. This is a highly structured data collection tool, based on a defined random sample of participants. That can be reliably projected to the entire population attending an event.

    Informal Survey: Information collected directly from individual visitors or participants in a nonrandom manner that is not representative of all visitors or participants. Informal survey results cannot be projected to the entire visitor population.

    Structured Estimate: Estimate produced by computing known information related to the event or location. For example, one jurisdiction divided the square footage of the event area by the international building code allowance for persons (3 square feet).

    Please enter notes about the specific type of method used to determine the attendance count (such as vehicle counts, raffle tickets sold, etc.). Submit a sample tracking form, if available.

    I am an authorized agent of the organization/agency applying for funding. I understand that:

    •I am proposing a tourism-related service for 2022. If awarded, my organization intends to enter into a Partnership Agreement with the City of Mountlake Terrace; provide liability insurance for the duration of the contract naming the City as additional insured and in an amount determined by the City; and file for a permit to use City property, if applicable.

    •The City of Mountlake Terrace will only reimburse those costs actually incurred by my organization/agency and only after the service is rendered, paid for if provided by a third party, and a signed Request for Reimbursement form (or other form acceptable to the City) has been submitted to the City, including copies of invoices and payment documentation.

    My agency will be required to submit a report documenting economic impact results in a format determined by the City which shall include, but not be limited to, the actual number of people traveling for business or pleasure on a trip: (A) away from their place of residence or business and staying overnight in paid accommodations; (B) to a place fifty miles or more one way from their place of residence or business for the day or staying overnight; or (C) from another country or state outside of their place of residence or their business.

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